About This Blog

Back in 2005 I began a blog to document the tales and stories I was experiencing in my life and to share those with friends, family and strangers. At the beginning of 2017, due to a technical glitch, I lost the main contents of my WordPress Database and therefore lost 12 years worth of posts. I have slowly been piecing those posts back together in hopes of re-posting them at some point.

However, in going through the archives I noticed a few important things. First, a lot of my posts were just a weekly summary of my Twitter feed where I was more active in actually documenting my day to day activities. The second thing that I noticed was that I posted maybe 4-5 posts of substance between 2014 and 2017 making me keenly aware that my blog was basically dead when I lost it.

This glitch has now given me the opportunity to post regularly as I will be able to curate the best of my past posts as well as post new stories when inspiration strikes. This will be my third re-start of this blog (which is insanely low for a blog that’s 12 years old) but I’m looking forward to this restart more than the others mostly because the pressure to create and post is coming from me and not from anyone, anything or anyone else.

All that being said, I hope you all enjoy this blog, it’s content and I hope that the comments and discussion will slowly return to a low hum as I travel down the Yellow Brick Road of life with you all.