Tales From The Coffee Shop – Bean Date: S170429

12:15PM – Arrived at the the coffee shop.

12:17PM – Ordered my Iced Tea and a Tuna Sandwich. The barista offered to heat up my tuna sandwich. My initial reaction was surprise (it’s not typically heated) and then as she was ringing it up she realized her mistake.

12:18PM – The barista had a name tag on that said “Megan Barista.” As she was handing me my change and my sandwich back I said, “Thank you, Megan Barista. But I can imagine that isn’t your real name?” She laughed and said, “Actually my last name is Pope so you can imagine the things people have said.” To which I replied, “Yes I can your holiness.” As a curtseyed and walked away.

1:25pm – A group of 5-7 women just walked in and ordered drinks. They were all wearing red hats. Red hat society maybe?

1:32PM – Yep it’s confirmed… all from the Ladies Red Hat Society. See you can have clubs for anything… including hats… red hats… red hats worn by women. #mensrednecksociety

3:15PM – A guy in his 20’s just sat at my table. He’s wearing a purple beanie, has a vape machine, a full beard, sleeve tattoos and is reading a book called “True Love”. I love when stereotypes are broken. 🙂

3:45PM – Whoops… I should know better than to listen to “The Love I Meant To Say” from SMASH in public… now I’ve gotta pretend I have something in my eyes. Anyone got a napkin?

4:29PM – I love that my new Apple Watch reminds me to get up and walk around every few hours! I’ve needed this constant reminder in my life for years and now I finally have it!

5:20PM – For the 10+ time today someone ha left the door to the coffee shop propped wide open. How hard is it to let it close behind you? Answer: NOT THAT HARD!

About This Series
I love going to coffee shops to write and work but frequently I find myself encountering strange and interesting situations and people… so why not share them with you?

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