Why A Lamb? – Part 2: Easter

  1. Why A Lamb? – Part 1: Good Friday
  2. Why A Lamb? – Part 2: Easter

Zurbarán Lamb of God, Prado Museum, c. 1635-1640

“Why a lamb in his resurrection? Because his innocence is everlasting.”

Saint Augustine – 375

Easter Sunday. It’s one of the two days that are most attended at churches around the world. It is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Just to cover the obvious implications of the resurrection: without it Christianity is nothing more than a nice story at best and at worst it means millions have lived and are living their life in vain.

14 And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain. 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.

1 Corinthians 15:14, 17 (ESV)

The resurrection is the pivot point of human history. Everything before it was leading up to it and everything after it is a result of it. No other event in human history, except for creation, is more important. In my last post I talked about the fact that Jesus had to die no matter what. But the resurrection means that eternal death has been defeated. That instead of death and separation, we have death and resurrection available to all who have faith.

Almost 3 months ago my Aunt Becky was ushered into the loving arms of Jesus. I blogged about her a lot on my old blog, especially after my Mom passed away in 2008. As I have been going through the grieving process my faith in the resurrection of Jesus has never been more important. Without that resurrection my Aunt lived out her faith in vain. In fact, my Aunt had a saying to the doctors and nurses that asked her how she was doing.

“God’s been good to me.”

The reason she could not only say that, but believe it each and every day she spent at the hospital or at dialysis or struggling during physical therapy, was because of the resurrection. The resurrection gave my Aunt hope that one day she would be given a new body with no defects, no blemishes and completely healed from pain and suffering.

The resurrection is also the reason that I have been able to walk through the driving process believing that she is safe with Jesus and that one day I will be with her again. There is nothing like the death of a loved one to truly test your faith in the resurrection. When you are standing at the grave of a loved one it can be easy to despair. It can be easy to loose hope. It can be oh so easy to forget that God is good, faithful and trustworthy. But the resurrection gives me the strength to walk through the grief, encourage my family in their grief and to continue to believe that God is good, faithful and trustworthy.

I hope this Easter that the resurrection will be more than just a day you go to church or hunt for eggs. I hope that it will be the day that you realize what the resurrection means for all of us.

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